Our Plans


Weekly Video Chats

Weekly or twice-weekly (depending on the plan selected), the member will have a scheduled (e.g., every Wednesday at noon or every Tuesday and Thursday at 3p) Video Chat with their assigned health partner (the same one each time, which creates a close, trusting, and effective relationship) using Facetime on the iPhone. We place the call so it's as easy as answering the phone. The average time of the Video Chat is 10 minutes but can be less or up to 20 minutes at the member's desire.

During the Video Chats, which are conversational in nature, the member and the health partner will talk about the areas that you have identified as areas of focus. Examples include activities of daily living, medication management, keeping track of medical appointments, and providing practical and emotional guidance as needed.

Because of the nature of Video Chats, the health partner can see the member's demeanor, coloring, hygiene, energy level, and cognition, on an ongoing basis. We will reach out to family and/or physicians when appropriate. Independence and safety are, thus,  enhanced and stress is reduced for loved ones, knowing we are evaluating these every time we chat.

The family member will also receive verbal and written reports either weekly or monthly (again, depending on the plan selected).

Medication Assessment

Medication Assessment involves taking the time to identify, together, all of the medications that the enrolled member should be taking, the correct dosages, how they should be taken, and so forth -- to eliminate any that have been completed, un-prescribed, or replaced with alternative medications or dosages.

Prescriptions change over time and it can be helpful to take a fresh look at one's medications two to four times a year.

Care Navigation Assistance

Care Navigation Assistance includes:

  • Assistance with coordinating, and reminders for, doctor and treatment appointments
  • Assistance with arranging transportation to appointments
  • Assistance with what to ask at doctor appointments
  • Help with understanding follow up and after-care instructions
  • Assistance making follow-up and testing appointments