Why ConnectedForYou?

Through a proven, customizable combination of one-on-one health partner video chat sessions and simple remote well-being monitoring, our health partners regularly connect with your loved one — becoming a trusted and valued partner, identifying needs and resources, and providing the extra practical and/or emotional help and guidance needed.

Core Features

Remote Daily
Well-being Check-ins

Remote Daily Well-being Check-ins

Using a very simple app, we will customize a few questions for the member to "answer" each morning . For example, "How did you sleep last night? (Poor, Fair, Good)," "Are you dizzy? (No, A Little, Very)," "Did you take all of your medications yesterday? (Don't Know, Took Some, Took All). " It's as easy as touching a few picture buttons and takes 1 minute or less.

This helps us help you in the way you need it most, and the questions can change over time. See our FAQs for more details.

Video Chats

1-on-1 Video Chats

The member will have regularly scheduled Video Chats with his or her assigned health partner.

The Video Chats, which are conversational in nature, may include discussions about activities of daily living, eating and sleeping, medication management, keeping track of medical appointments, and providing practical and emotional guidance as needed.

Because of the nature of Video Chats, the health partner can see the member's demeanor, coloring, hygiene, energy level, and cognition, on an ongoing basis.  See our FAQs for more details.